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Re: turkish accidental "eksik bakiye" missing in emmentaler font

From: Hans Aberg
Subject: Re: turkish accidental "eksik bakiye" missing in emmentaler font
Date: Thu, 28 Nov 2013 14:35:05 +0100

On 28 Nov 2013, at 10:11, I wrote:

> The Persian LilyPond is set in E60 - it could now be changed to E53. But the 
> Persian microtonal accidentals koron and sori are still missing in LilyPond. 
> The average values that Farhat gives fits well with Pythagorean tuning where 
> the sori raises two syntonic commas and koron lowers three, or the 
> corresponding approximation in E53.

Oops, a typo here: If p denotes the lowering koron and < the raising sori, one 
has < = #p (sharp koron) and p = b> (flat sori). So if the sori is set to raise 
with two syntonic commas, then the koron is a flat raised by two syntonic 
commas. This corresponds Hormoz Farhat neutral second n set to a Pythagorean 
minor second m raised by two syntonic commas.

So in particular, Sabat's triple arrow accidentals would not be needed. In 
Persian music, one only uses those with two arrows up. Those with two arrows 
down do not occur.

One can see this in the regularE53.ly file I wrote: the Persian accidentals are 
those with “uu”, not using those with “dd”. Turkish accidentals use both “u” 
and “d”.

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