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Re: LILF table in emmentaler

From: David Kastrup
Subject: Re: LILF table in emmentaler
Date: Thu, 28 Nov 2013 16:08:58 +0100
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Tobias Hoffmann <address@hidden> writes:

> Nevertheless I tried your patch as far as possible and it produces the
> following emmentaler-20.subfonts file (fontforge compiles this as-is
> into the LILF table), which LGTM:
>    feta20 feta-noteheads20 feta-flags20 parmesan20
> parmesan-noteheads20 feta-alphabet20
> But I noticed that the generated dependency files also have some
> problems, for example take emmentaler-20.dep:
>    emmentaler-20.otf: $(outdir)/feta20.pfa \
>     $(outdir)/parmesan20.pfa  \
>     $(outdir)/feta-alphabet20.pfa feta20.otf-table \
>     $(outdir)/feta-alphabet20.pfa feta20.otf-gtable
> Notice that feta-alphabet20.pfa appears twice,

I'd guess that's uncritical.

> and some of the other subfonts do not...

I'd guess that's rather bad.

> Even worse: The actually generated and merged Type 1 font are *.pfb ,
> not *.pfa !

That does definitely sound subterrific.

> I don't really understand the bigger picture of lilyponds build
> process,

Neither does LilyPond: we have intermittent problems with parallel
builds, likely due to bad dependencies.  So if you are willing to
investigate and propose fixes/patches, you are not likely to meet

> but from what I see, I'd suggest the subfonts-array to be defined
> somewhere at the top of gen-emmentaler-script.py, and then to generate
> not only the .subfonts - files, but also the dependencies and the
> MergeFonts directives from it. I'm not sure about the
> MergeFonts("feta-alphabet...") though, I seems to be deliberately
> after the SetUnicodeValue-loop...

Julien, any idea?

David Kastrup

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