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Re: git-cl upload issues

From: Urs Liska
Subject: Re: git-cl upload issues
Date: Thu, 12 Dec 2013 12:09:23 +0100
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Am 12.12.2013 11:48, schrieb David Kastrup:
Urs Liska <address@hidden> writes:


trying to upload a patch through git-cl I encounter two issues (one
merely being a documentation issue):

- I'm asked about my Google mail address and password.
No.  You are asked about your Google account name, the one you use in
the issue tracker, and its corresponding password.

   Providing the credentials of my lilypond googlemail address returns
"invalid username or password".
I don't even _have_ a Googlemail address.

   But I _can_ login to codereview.appspot.com with these credentials
No idea about that one, but codereview and issue tracker might be

Sorry for this. But when I noticed I couldn't send my message here I noticed that I had somehow managed to change my password recently ...

So this one is obsolete. Patch uploaded ;-)

- When the editor fires up to edit the review message I was first
completely lost
   and had to read through the git-cl script to determine that it was
vi I was faced.
You should likely configure your EDITOR variable.

Yes, that's it.
Then this should be mentioned in the CG.
See https://codereview.appspot.com/41310043


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