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Re: InstrumentSwitch in CueVoice

From: Timothy Lanfear
Subject: Re: InstrumentSwitch in CueVoice
Date: Sat, 21 Dec 2013 22:06:50 +0000 (UTC)
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Keith OHara <k-ohara5a5a <at> oco.net> writes:
> Oops.  The docs say 
>   "The placement and style of the instrumentCueName is controlled by
>    the \instrumentSwitch object,"
> but that should be the InstrumentSwitch object, as in
>   \once\override InstrumentSwitch #'font-series = #'bold
>   \set instrumentCueName = "ten."
> The double printing from an \instrumentSwitch is issue 2835.
> \instrumentSwitch has been called into service for two jobs

Thanks. you gave me enough hints to construct my preferred solution.

\version "2.17.97"

\addInstrumentDefinition #"Treble"
  #`((instrumentCueName . ,(make-bold-markup "treb.")))

\addInstrumentDefinition #"Tenor"
  #`((instrumentCueName . ,(make-bold-markup "ten.")))

\layout { \context { \CueVoice \remove "Instrument_switch_engraver" } }

  \once \override InstrumentSwitch.font-size = #-4
  \new CueVoice {
    \instrumentSwitch "Treble"
  \instrumentSwitch "Tenor"

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