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Re: Unwanted fretboard repeat

From: Amreg
Subject: Re: Unwanted fretboard repeat
Date: Sun, 22 Dec 2013 18:41:24 +0100
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Le 20/12/2013 22:16, Amreg a écrit :

\set chordChanges = ##t is used to avoid repeating chord names until an
explicit chord change occurs.
Unfortunately, this works fine for ChordNames "staves" but not for
FretBoards "staves" using the same musical expression (consistent
behaviour should be expected). [..]

Federico Bruni has answered my first question, thanks to him.
What about the second one below :

Additionally, I have another question about the above "\set" command:
the chord is repeated at each line beginning, /whether or not/ there is
a real chord change. [...]
Maybe engraving practices could differ in different countries, but I
think there should at least be an option left to the user to avoid this
extra-repeated chords (obviously, this should apply also to fretboards).
In other words, in the following example:

chordsNames = \chordmode {
   \set chordChanges = ##t
   c1 \break c
   \new ChordNames \chordsNames
   \new FretBoards \chordsNames
   \new Staff \relative c' {
     c1 c

there should be possible to have neither the chord name nor the
fretboard at the beginning of the second staff.

Is it solved also in 2.17.x ?
Does 2.17.x also brings a solution to bug 1698 (incorrect handling of ties and slurs across repeats/alternatives boundaries - this is a bug I'd like to get rid of since I use LP) ?

(I've found no mention about those two points in http://www.lilypond.org/doc/v2.17/Documentation/changes/index.html).


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