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Fwd: 64-bit font problems in GUB

From: Simon Bailey
Subject: Fwd: 64-bit font problems in GUB
Date: Thu, 23 Jan 2014 11:02:58 +0100


I kicked this thread off last week sometime:
TL/DR summary: ligatures were not being shown for lilypond-generated output.

further investigation led me to:

TL/DR summary: GUB lilypond packages for 32-bit show ligatures, 64-bit
packages do not.
I verified this on a stock fedora 20 installation using the 2.18.0
packages downloaded from lilypond.org. the Mac OSX packages
distributed through lilypond.org also show the same behaviour, i.e. no
ligatures. for testing purposes, i have also verified this behaviour
with the latest 2.19.1 releases.

I followed these instructions:
(adapting them somewhat for more modern builds and interpolating with
INSTALL.txt -- removed the kpathsea options, had to install some extra
after building lilypond (showing version 2.19.2) on my mac, using the
font libraries installed by MacPorts, ligatures are shown.

I will build lilypond from source on my linux box later today; I
expect the bevaviour to be the same as on OS X -- i.e. the ligatures
will work.

This leads me to conclude that there seems to be a problem with the
64-bit version of the font libraries in the build system for the
release packages. Can anyone comment on this? Should I forward this
information to the bug list?


Do not meddle in the affairs of trombonists, for they are subtle and
quick to anger.

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