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Re: redundant entries in the indexes are confusing and lessening the cla

From: James
Subject: Re: redundant entries in the indexes are confusing and lessening the clarity
Date: Sat, 01 Feb 2014 10:51:35 +0000
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On 01/02/14 10:14, Eluze wrote:
pkx166h wrote
On 01/02/14 09:44, Eluze wrote:
in NR 2.19.1 Appendix D + E, a lot of commands are listed /with/ and
/without/ the backslash - this seems unnecessary

some commands - eg. \single, \temporary and \undo - are only listed
/without/ backslash

imo commands should always be quoted including the backslash to make them
quickly recognizable as commands.

See first:


At least you're stepping into that territory, if only indirectly.
thanks for the pointer!

as this is already recognized and in work the other point remains:

add \single, \temporary \undo and  more to the index - is that worth an
entry in the tracker!?


A tracker? I'd just create a patch and submit it (and create the tracker with git-cl for that patch). Otherwise you are going to have to say where you want the @cindex's specifically. Seems as you know how to make a patch that you might as well do them and submit them yourself. I don't think it is ever a bad idea to have index entries.


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