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[LSR-v.2.18] - "Bar chords notation for Guitar"

From: Pierre Perol-Schneider
Subject: [LSR-v.2.18] - "Bar chords notation for Guitar"
Date: Fri, 14 Feb 2014 13:09:25 +0100

Dear Squad,

After upgrading this snippet (http://lsr.dsi.unimi.it/LSR/Item?id=632) the
spanner does not show up.
My first intention was to simply copy/paste the 2.18 doc code (here :
but now I have two remarks :
1) As a classical guitarist I have never ever seen any "barré" numbered on
the right side (on old or on recent scores) as it is shown on the doc.
2) The doc example show a chord on the fifteenth position and not a "barré"
3) As you know, a guitar score is polyphonic. So you can frequently use
this "bbarre" command over a rest, multi-rest or skiped notes, things that
are not included in this code (see BarreDoc enclosed)

So please find herewith a proposition (BarreProp) that, I think, would be
helpfull in the future LSR-v.2.18, of course, but also in the
for guitarist users.


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