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[LSR v2.18] A step by step manual procedure

From: Pierre Perol-Schneider
Subject: [LSR v2.18] A step by step manual procedure
Date: Tue, 18 Feb 2014 00:45:42 +0100

Hi All,

As promised here's the step-by-step procedure I'm following to manually
upgrade the LSR.
For sure this is not the most facinating literature but I deeply request
you to read it carefully in order to comfortating all of us that this work
is not a waste of time.
All comments and suggestion are, of course, warmly welcome.
Since english is not my native langage please feel free to ask for
precision if any doubt.

1. open "all" file in an alphabetical order;
2. open the first non-upgraded snippet with your favorite editor
(Frescobaldi/Windows is really helpful since it compiles with any version
you want);
;; Note: non-uppgraded snippets have no attached pdf
3. copy the doctitle;
;; e.g. doctitle = "Overriding articulations of destinct type"
4. googlize the doctitle;
;; e.g. site:lilypond.org/doc/v2.18 site:lilypond.org/doc/v2.18 "Overriding
articulations of destinct type"
5. IF it matches : copy/paste the v2.18 doc code THEN 5.1. ELSE 6.;
5.1. find the snippet in the LSR by using "search";
;; e.g. Overriding articulations
5.2. change \version "2.14.2" for \version "2.18.0"
5.3. delete LSR \header
5.4. compile (no particular reason here that warnings will occur but check
the terminal anyway);
5.5. compare the output with the LSR output;
5.6. change some settings if needed in oder to reach the same output look
(alignments have changed since v2.14);
5.7. delete version-statements;
5.8. add the LSR link on the top as an incommented line;
;; e.g. %% http://lsr.dsi.unimi.it/LSR/Item?id=774
;; Note: this could be pretty helpfull and will save time for future
5.9. optional : if possible, add any relevant links as incommented lines;
;; e.g. %% see also
;; e.g. %% upgraded by ... see http:/...
5.10. save the snippet
5.11. IF all daily work snippets have been upgraded THEN 9. ELSE 2.;
6. find the snippet in the LSR by using "search";
;; e.g. Ossia staves
6.1. delete LSR \header and update the snippet to v2.18;
6.2. compile the snippet and check for warnings;
6.3. IF it compiles without any or abnormal warning THEN 6.4. ELSE 7.
6.4. IF the code looks like a v2.18 one or can easily be upgraded AND IF
the ouput, the title and the description don't seem obsolete THEN 5.5. ELSE
7. googlize the title, part of the title, part of the code into the usual
LilyPond sites, boards or lists to chek for higher/better code that would
do the job.
7.1. IF it matches copy/paste the link(s) as an incommented line (add any
comments if needed), copy/paste the new code THEN 5.5. ELSE 8.;
;; 7. & 7.1 are fairly important and save a bunch of times since it avoids
sending silly questions to the BugSquad as I did at the very beginning...
8. IF it does not match OR IF it's possibly obsolete OR IF no simple
correction (see P.S.) can be applied, send a message to the BugSquad with
explanation, with or without ideas, codes or any remark that could be
8.1. delete the attached pdf and/or other outputs;
8.2. add a number at the snippet file name (#00 for "waiting room", #0 for
"deleted", #1 for "modificated" and #2 for "upgraded") in order to gathered
them on the top of the list.
8.3. wait for a new code to be send by the Squad and GOTO 5.4.;
9. Save "All" file on an external memory (could also prevent from some
suicidal thoughts).

;; The weakest point of this manual update is that it multiplies the error
risk by 700 (roughly the number of snippets).
;; Therefor i'll go for a second round.
;; Since I'm not at that stage, the hereunder lines are expected but will
surely be extended or modified in a near future.

1. copy/paste "all" file and rename it "all OLD";
2. in the external memory rename the saved "all" file as "all OLD"
3. open "all" and delete files other than *.ly files;
4. check in the LSR the #0*.ly snippets that have already been deleted;
5. delete the relevant #0*.ly snippets in "all";
6. rename the other #00*.ly #0*.ly #1*.ly and #2*.ly snippets as they
originaly were;
7. open and check *.ly files one after the other :
7.1 check that there's no version-statements;
7.2 check that there's no LSR header;
7.3 check that, at least, the first line starts with the incommented
snippet link;
7.4 compile and check terminal for any other warning than the "no \version
statement found" one;
8. Save "All" file on an external memory;
9. create a tarball with "all" and send it back to Seba;
10. send a message to the BugSquad precising the total number of snippets
into "all" file, the deleted, the modified and the upgraded ones;
11. cross fingers.

Today 450 out of 710 snippets have been treated.
I'm planning to be ready to send the tarball by March, 1st.
But this work can sometimes be affected by personal duties (e.g. four of my
daughters are comming soon for a week, not sure I'll find the time to keep
on the same rhythm...)
Anyway, I'll do my best.

Thanks for reading me !

P.S. All minor modification will be specified, e.g. :
%% http://lsr.dsi.unimi.it/LSR/Item?id=125
%% Upgraded by P.P.Schneider on Feb. 2014
%% see also :
%% see also :

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