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Re: another spacing bug (\noBreak)

From: Phil Holmes
Subject: Re: another spacing bug (\noBreak)
Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2014 20:26:18 -0000

"Karol Majewski" <address@hidden> wrote in message news:address@hidden

This is an excerpt from random piece. If you add \noBreak command at the end of measure 9 and 11, than the whole spacing becomes distorted! Bug?

\version "2.19.3"

\include "deutsch.ly"

 \time 2/4 \clef treble
 <cis' g' h'>8. a'16 <cis' g' h'>8  <cis' g' a'>8 %1
 <c' fis'>8 <cis' g'>4 <c' a'>8 %2
 <g' h' d'' >8. <g' h'>16 <fis' ais'>8 <a' c''>8 %3
 <g' h'>8 <h' g''>4 <b' es''>8 %4
 <g' h' d''>8. <g' h'>16 <fis' ais'>8 <a' c''>8 %5
 <g' h'>8 g'4 <dis' fis' a'>8 %6
 <g' h'>8. <e' g'>16 <dis' fis'>8 <fis' a'>8 %7
 <e' g'>8 <b e'>4 <b e'>8 %8
 cis'8. d'16 c''8 fis'8 %9
 <c' a'>8 <h g'>4. %10
 <c'' e''>8. f''16 <e'' g''>8 <f'' a''>8 %11
 <e'' g''>8 <g'' e'''>4 <g'' e'''>8 %12
 <g'' e'''>8. <f'' d'''>16 <a'' f'''>8 <f'' h''>8 %13
 <f'' a''>8 <e'' g''>4 <e'' g''>8 %14
 <d'' gis'' c'''>8. h''16 e'''8 <d'' gis'' h''>8 %15
 <c'' e'' h''>8 <c'' e'' a''>4 <c'' e'' a''>8 %16
 <f'' h'' e'''>8. d'''16 g'''8 <f'' h'' d'''>8 %17
 <a'' f'''>8 <g'' e'''>4 <g'' e'''>8 %18
 <f'' a'' e'''>8 <f'' a'' d'''>4 <f'' a''>8 %19
 <e'' g'' d'''>8 <e'' g'' c'''>4 <e'' g''>8 %20
 <h' f'' a''>8. g''16 a''8  <h' f'' g''>8 %21
 <a' f''>8 <g' e''>4 <g' e''>8 %22

Could you a) provide an image showing the distortion and b) provide a tiny example?

Phil Holmes

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