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Re: spacing.itely sectioning does not match menu

From: Jean-Charles Malahieude
Subject: Re: spacing.itely sectioning does not match menu
Date: Thu, 07 Aug 2014 18:37:50 +0200
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Le 06/08/2014 23:03, James disait :
On 06/08/14 20:34, Jean-Charles Malahieude wrote:
Hi all,

Building docs from scratch, I get an error in French (I'm on it) but also

and in notation.splittexi.log:

** Node following `Optimal page breaking' in menu `Optimal page turning'
and in sectionning `Minimal page breaking' differ
** No node following `One-line page breaking' in menu, but `Optimal page
turning' follows in sectionning

I forgot to change/check the 'menu' ordering

So the 'truth' is the sectioning.

I'll fix that in a patch now.

Interesting that this doesn't break a full doc for me.

AFAIR, this never did break a doc-build.

Too bad for me: as a gourmet, I've trusted the menu…


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