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Re: Documentation for issues 3601 (based on 3581), 4042 (NR: "MIDI outpu

From: James
Subject: Re: Documentation for issues 3601 (based on 3581), 4042 (NR: "MIDI output", Section 3.5)
Date: Sun, 10 Aug 2014 11:16:05 +0100
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On 09/08/14 22:14, Heikki Tauriainen wrote:

In response to
here's some new documentation for Section 3.5 ("MIDI output") of the
Notation Reference (v2.19.11).  The main goal of the proposed additions
is to describe the MIDI context properties implemented in issues 3581
(with issue 3601 about the missing documentation) and 4042.  (I'm the
author of the code patches in those issues.)

To support this goal, I'll also propose changes to some existing
sections of the documentation: these changes include an attempt to (at
least partially) document the Score.midiChannelMapping context property,
and an expanded description of MIDI channels.

The changes proposed (in plain text) to the documentation are
interleaved with my comments and questions.  If it'd be more useful to
format the actual changes in some other way, please tell me what I need
to do.  (I'm already sorry about any procedural mistakes I've probably
made here because the changes likely already qualify as "larger
contributions" mentioned in the Contributor's guide, however from the
previous discussion I understood that it would still be OK to just send
these suggestions to the bug list.  This is the first time I've ever
proposed any changes to the documentation...)

Best regards,
Heikki Tauriainen


Thanks, I created


For this email.

I am currently using


As the tracker for my changes to the section. Once I have done this then I will apply your corrections from 4059.

I could do one huge re-write of 3.5 patch but I have learned (the hard way) that this is usually counter-productive as no one wants to review huge changes to documentation. So I am going to do the re-write and then over the next week or so merge those changes into the current documentation, so as to make it easy to review but also not leave the documentation in an even-worse state than it was before.


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