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Re: Bug in \offset with Fingering.font-size?

From: Trevor Daniels
Subject: Re: Bug in \offset with Fingering.font-size?
Date: Sat, 1 Nov 2014 23:11:21 -0000

David Nalesnik wrote Saturday, November 01, 2014 10:40 PM

> Oh!  You're tackling the documentation?  I'm so glad to hear that :) :)
> I might have an example or two from when I was trying (unsuccessfully of 
> course) to write something up.  I think I may have been fooling with 
> Beam.positions.
> Have you seen the regtest offsets.ly?  Maybe one of those examples is 
> workable. 

Yes, I have it in front of me.  Actually, what I was doing was going through
the LM looking for existing examples where \offset might be useful.  It has
to be something where a displacement makes more sense than an absolute
value.  I found two, moving a fermata up a bit with padding and changing the
font size of fingering, but sods' law, neither of these work.  We don't cover
DynamicLineSpanners there, so that's not a possibility, and for most other
objects we have extra-offset, which is covered in the LM and does more or
less what \offset does re moving objects.

So I'm rethinking.  There are too many places where it goes wrong to 
explain in the LM - the concepts of callbacks and define-grobs.scm are
too advanced - and the inverted syntax of the \override form similarly is
potentially confusing in the LM, where users are just beginning to grasp
the \override syntax.  So maybe it is better to document it just in the NR, 
where all this complication can simply be stated, and any property can
be chosen to offset.

I'll abandon my patch to the LM and see what I can do for the NR.


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