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Misplaced staccato dots on beams (was: Piano voices)

From: Joram
Subject: Misplaced staccato dots on beams (was: Piano voices)
Date: Fri, 07 Nov 2014 17:12:43 +0100
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Hi David,

> The positioning of staccato dots is rather irregular--note, for example,
> m. 70 (bottom staff) and m. 75.  If this happens without any
> intervention on your part, I think that there's an issue here.

I think so, too. I reported it here with a minimal example:

And I got a way to work around this. But in my opinion, this is a bug
and should be fixed. The dots should not avoid ledger lines that are not
there. An easy rule would be not to avoid them if they are on the side
of the beam instead of the note head. But it would be more correct to
avoid them only if there are ledger lines.


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