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Re: LM 2.1.3 - bare durations

From: Simon Albrecht
Subject: Re: LM 2.1.3 - bare durations
Date: Thu, 25 Dec 2014 13:56:24 +0100
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Hello Federico,

I’m using this feature on a regular basis now, so I think I can explain what is meant. For example it is extremely useful for tied notes, since those have (almost) always the same pitch:
a2~ 1~ 2.
Here it works also if I omit the ties:
a2 1 2. , because the first note has an explicit duration.
Now the warning from the LM paragraph you quoted refers to the following case:
g2 a~ 1~ 2.
g2 a 1 2.
Without the ties (or any other intermittent information like in your example below), the parser will read only three notes here, ignoring the whitespace between a and 1, which will confuse the whole timing – a quite frequent error when one omits the pitch as regularly as has been usual with durations before.

As said before, I have adopted this method in spite of the mentioned error source, because I find the reduction of keystrokes valuable enough, even to the point of considering to forbid whitespace between pitch and duration (which would be another solution allowing the parser to disambiguate). But one might argue differently, of course. It’s a matter of coding style preferences, and perhaps standardization should not be taken too importantly.

I hope that explains the point. I find the LM wording clear enough.

A merry christmas to all of you,

Am 25.12.2014 11:10, schrieb Federico Bruni:
LM 2.1.3
I don't understand well the second sentence in this paragraph (in master only at the moment):

"This shorthand may be useful in other places where the rhythm changes
with an unchanging pitch, but remember a bare duration will attach to
the preceding pitch, making a single note, if only white space
separates them."

I can put more than white spaces between the pitch and the bare duration:

\version "2.19.15"
\relative c' {
c8 4. 2 |
c8-3 \mark \default 4. 2

Sorry for nitpicking, but I can't translate it if I don't understand what it means.


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