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Re: [LSR-620] Vertical line as a baroque articulation mark

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: [LSR-620] Vertical line as a baroque articulation mark
Date: Tue, 07 Apr 2015 18:35:34 +0200
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As a side-note, I normally typeset this articulation as a staccatissimo, when transcribing baroque music and as far as I know, it's common practice. This can at least be worth to mention in the comment of the snippet.


On 2015-04-07 18:01, address@hidden wrote:
Hi Squad Members,

Regarding this snippet:
I'm not sure about the 'font-size 3' effect; was it for the articulation
line thickness?
Anyway I'm thinking about putting a more user-friendly script.
How about:

upline =
#(define-event-function (parser location) ()
       %% possible tweaks here, e.g:
       %-\tweak padding #1
       %-\tweak avoid-slur #'around
       %-\tweak direction #DOWN
       -\tweak stencil #(lambda (grob) (grob-interpret-markup grob
                              \override #'(thickness . 3)
                              \draw-line #'(0 . 1)

\relative c' {
   a'4^\upline a( c d')_\upline


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