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Re: my favorite bug :-)

From: Masamichi HOSODA
Subject: Re: my favorite bug :-)
Date: Fri, 01 May 2015 23:49:43 +0900 (JST)

>>> There is a big difference: If you compile a .c file, the .o files
>>> stays by default; the compiler doesn't remove it.
>> Uh, wrong?
>> cd /tmp;echo "main(){return 0;}" >gega.c;gcc -o gega gega.c;ls gega*
>> gega  gega.c
> I've meant using option `-c' of the compiler.  BTW, if you specify
> option `-o', does gcc create an intermediate file `gega.o' that
> overwrites another file `gega.o' in the compilation directory?

If I understand correctly,
in this case, gcc does not use gega.o.
gcc uses /tmp/ccXXXXXX.o etc.
(XXXXXX is replaced by random unique charactor by mkstemp.)
gcc removes it.

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