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PostScript circle printed with unwanted line

From: Patrick L. Schmidt
Subject: PostScript circle printed with unwanted line
Date: Sat, 2 May 2015 12:22:15 +0200

Hey all,

when I try to draw a circle in a \markup context using PostScript I get an 
additional unwanted line stretching from the zero coordinates (in LilyPond: 
upper left corner of the page) to the point from where the circle is drawn (see 

\version "2.19.15"
\markup {"PostScript circle"}
ps-circle = #"
  { 0 0 54 0 360 arc stroke } def
%  doACircle
%  2 setlinewidth
%  0 1 1 setrgbcolor
  55 -75 translate doACircle

pscircle = \markup {
    \postscript #ps-circle 

\markup { 

Attachment: postscript-circle.pdf
Description: Adobe PDF document

This line doesn’t show when I use Ghostscript 9.14 to interpret the following 
file (I obviously had to change some values because PostScript normally uses 
units of "points" for placing graphics on the page (in LP the unit seems to be 
millimeters) and because the zero coordinates in PostScript are in the bottom 
left corner of the page):


  { 0 0 54 0 360 arc stroke } def

%  doACircle

  300 425 translate doACircle


So I would think this is a bug.


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