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Re: PostScript circle printed with unwanted line

From: ArnoldTheresius
Subject: Re: PostScript circle printed with unwanted line
Date: Wed, 6 May 2015 00:32:35 -0700 (MST)


at first I want to explain the 'concept' of the \postscript markup:
* It is a low level output command. (similar to an 'assembler subroutine
called from a high level programming language')
* The string defined there will only be output into a postscript file (if
you select a PS file to be created or any other output format which is
created via an intermediate postscript file, e.g. PDF or PNG). On other
output formats (e.g. SVG) it will be ignored.
* There is no processing of the string before it's written into the PS file,
e.g. you have to set its extent manually if lilypond should take care of it.
* Your string will be embedded into the PS file with the postscript commands
'gsave currentpoint translate 0.1 setlinewidth' before and 'grestore' after
it. After these preceeding commands (i.e. 'currentpoint translate') the
origin of the current transformation is the reference point of your
\postscript markup, scale and rotation of the current transformation reflect
the global staff line distance and (if applied) other transformation markup
command (e.g. \scale and \rotate) encapsulating your \postscript markup. The
current point is set to the coordinate 0 0 (it is not undefined!).

pls-2 wrote
> Hi Arnold,
> ...
> True!  But why is the result correct in Ghostscript (but not in LilyPond)
> when I compile the following example?  It doesn’t even contain a moveto
> command:
> ...
> patrick
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Your definiton of /square includes a 'newpath' and a 'moveto' at the
beginning, while your definition of /doACircle does not.
If you consult the desctiption of the 'arc' postscript command, you'll find
the arc command not only creates the arc geometry, it also creates a line
geometry to the start point of this arc if appropriate. This can be used to
create a rounded rectangle with one 'moveto' and four 'arc' commands.


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