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Re: Incorrect interaction of stemLeft/RightBeamCount and Score.skipTypes

From: Ralph Palmer
Subject: Re: Incorrect interaction of stemLeft/RightBeamCount and Score.skipTypesetting
Date: Fri, 8 May 2015 11:13:37 -0400

On Fri, May 1, 2015 at 10:44 PM, Rob Tuley <address@hidden> wrote:

> > I'm not top posting.
> Wrong output: the \set stemRightBeamCount and \set stemLeftBeamCount
> are incorrectly applied to the first note AFTER
> \set Score.skipTypesetting = ##f.
> \version "2.18.2"
> { $\set Score.skipTypesetting = ##t
>   c'16 \set stemRightBeamCount = #1 c' \set stemLeftBeamCount = #1 c' c'
>   \set Score.skipTypesetting = ##f
>   c' c' c' c'
> }

Has anyone replied privately to Rob Tuley on this issue? I could not get
the snippet to compile in 2.18.2 until I commented out the
 $\set Score.skipTypesetting = ##t
Once I did that, the behavior of the rest of the snippet was as I would
expect. However, I do not understand why Score.skipTypsetting is included
at all.


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