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\chordmode vs. \notemode - On the relativity of absolute pitches

From: pls
Subject: \chordmode vs. \notemode - On the relativity of absolute pitches
Date: Sat, 23 May 2015 16:39:19 +0200

Hi all,

here’s another issue I posted somewhere and Carl answered:

>> P.P.S.: On a different note: some day I would like to get to know the
>> reason why in \chordmode the absolute pitches are one octave higher than
>> in note mode.  For chord names correct absolute pitches don¹t matter. But
>> they do when also using \chordmode in a Staff context.  Mixing both modes
>> is rather error prone.
> I do not know the answer why, but I believe it is intentional.  There are
> comments in the code that indicate the original authors knew of the one
> octave shift.  I believe it was defined that way so that \chordmode c
> would give <c' e' g'>, since lilypond staffs have treble clefs by default.
> I believe it should probably be fixed.  The code is probably not hard to
> fix, but I think the convert-ly rule is nearly impossible (it's certainly
> beyond *my* python regexp-fu).
> Post a bug report, and let's get an issue created.


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