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Re: "Assertion failed!" errors

From: Thomas Morley
Subject: Re: "Assertion failed!" errors
Date: Sat, 13 Jun 2015 22:30:11 +0200

2015-06-13 21:44 GMT+02:00 Simon Albrecht <address@hidden>:
> Am 13.06.2015 um 20:03 schrieb Thomas Morley:
>> 2015-06-13 19:16 GMT+02:00 Daniel Rosen <address@hidden>:
>>> Running LilyPond 2.19.21 on 64-bit Windows 7, I get an odd pop-up error
>>> dialog in a number of different circumstances. Below are two examples.
>> Example #1 gives a warning in 2.18.2, aborting in 2.19.21
>> Though it's not a bug but expected behaviour, because a whole note
>> does not have a stem.
> Doesn’t it have an invisible one?
> ~ Simon

More precisely, a whole note's Stem has no stencil.

See the output from:

\version "2.19.21"

    \override NoteHead.after-line-breaking =
    #(lambda (grob)
      (display (ly:grob-object grob 'stem))
      (display (grob::is-live? (ly:grob-object grob 'stem)))
      (display (ly:grob-property (ly:grob-object grob 'stem) 'stencil))

#<Grob Stem >#t()


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