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Re: Documentation missing for extra \header fields available for customi

From: James Lowe
Subject: Re: Documentation missing for extra \header fields available for customizing PDF metadata
Date: Sat, 08 Aug 2015 10:18:10 +0100
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Sorry I forgot to reply all and include the 'bug list'.

Hello Heikki,

On 08/08/15 09:53, Heikki Tauriainen wrote:
> Hi,
> While examining the source code on how \header blocks are used to 
> extract information for PDF metadata (to implement the enhancement 
> #4539), I discovered that LilyPond actually supports quite an
> extensive (optional) mechanism for customizing PDF metadata
> independently of the information usually specified in the fields
> (title, subtitle, composer etc.) of a \header block, through the
> use of extra \header fields. However, I can't find any mention of
> this customization mechanism, nor examples of using any of the
> extra fields, in any of the current (v2.19.24) manuals.  (The most
> relevant piece of documentation about the supported \header fields
> that I could find is the "Default layout of bookpart and score
> titles" example in Section 3.2.1 of the Notation Reference
> (v2.19.24) – this example claims to list "all" of the available
> fields.)
> I'd consider documenting the extra fields which can be used to 
> customize the metadata specifically for PDF files a useful addition
> to the manuals.  Knowledge about the possibility of customizing
> the metadata could be useful in the case where the fields of a
> \header block contain complex LilyPond markup code, which doesn't
> translate into plain text form in a "satisfactory" way
> automatically. ...

I've created




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