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Re: Enhancement: Implement parenthesizing spanners

From: Simon Albrecht
Subject: Re: Enhancement: Implement parenthesizing spanners
Date: Mon, 17 Aug 2015 02:22:27 +0200
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Am 17.08.2015 um 00:53 schrieb Thomas Morley:
2015-08-17 0:18 GMT+02:00 Simon Albrecht <address@hidden>:
Lily is being very honest and makes a kind warning telling us that she
doesn’t know how to parenthesize spanners. But it would be really nice if we
could teach her that :-)

\relative { c''-\parenthesize \> c c c
   c2\! -\parenthesize ~ c


I once made the attached code.
It still compiles. You will observe several warnings, they are intended ;)
I never had the time and energy to finish it.
May be a good starting point, though.
I made an updated version for 2.19.24 and newer (…), which you find attached. Main differences:
– syntax updates, through convert-ly and manual
– code reformatting (minor)
– Both music functions now take a symbol list instead of a string, which simplifies the code.

The only noticeable flaw I found is the interleaving tie parentheses and the collisions with \par Stem or \par Flag. Also, with the first clef, inside padding is too large and outside padding too small in my eyes.
But other than that it works very well. Thanks again!

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