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Re: PATCHES: Countdown for August 26th 2015 - IMPORTANT UPDATE TO PATCHR

From: James
Date: Mon, 24 Aug 2015 10:40:08 +0100
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On 23/08/15 19:04, Trevor Daniels wrote:
> James Lowe wrote Sunday, August 23, 2015 5:58 PM
>> Google Tracker will be 'read-only' on the 25th August. At the moment,
>> as I understand it we are still 'transitioning' to a new tracker
>> system for issues but Rietveld is still working as normal.
> Preparations for using Allura are looking up.  Here's the timescale
> for transitioning as far as can be determined ATM.
> One of the problems which caused many of my imports to SF to fail
> has been identified by Dave Brondsema as an incorrect permissions
> setting, so now that is corrected I'm hopeful that imports will be
> much more successful.
> Our VM system at Savannah has also progressed.  Allura is now
> installed.  Some problems remain: the certificate doesn't work
> with the VM url so https access fails, and the verification
> email doesn't appear to be sent.  No doubt there will be more
> issues to resolve, but it looks much more promising than it did
> last week.
> I'll start to export the Issues DB from GC on Wed 26 Aug 2015,
> so avoiding any problems on Tuesday while Google are fiddling
> with the permissions.  This will take c. 35 hours.  I then need
> to edit the Author field locally and re-import, which will take
> another c. 35 hours.  To do this, I'll use the VM at Savannah if
> it is ready; otherwise I'll use the system at SF.
> So the earliest date at which we can hope to move all issue
> activity to Allura is next week-end, 29/30 Aug.  If there are
> further glitches or gotchas it will be later.
Thanks Trevor.


I am no longer monitoring Google Tracker (https://code.google.com) for
any updates or patch updates. It's just my inbox and Rietveld.

Also for the sake of reg test diffs - you cannot attach pictures to
Rietveld, so I'll provide a link to google drive download (or something
like that) for screen shots or in the case where the reg test diffs are
'large' the link to the compressed test-results dir.


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