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[ISSUE 4579] Document tweaking of StaffSymbol and LedgerLineSpanner

From: Simon Albrecht
Subject: [ISSUE 4579] Document tweaking of StaffSymbol and LedgerLineSpanner
Date: Thu, 27 Aug 2015 19:58:05 +0200
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ID: 4579
SUMMARY: Document tweaking of StaffSymbol and LedgerLineSpanner
TYPE: Documentation
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It regularly causes confusion that individual ledger line stacks can’t simply be tweaked. I think this should be documented better, but it isn’t easy to find the right place for that. I’d suggest the following:

In LM 4.1.2 <http://lilypond.org/doc/v2.19/Documentation/learning/objects-and-interfaces>, at the end of the fourth paragraph, (i.e. in Documentation/learning/tweaks.itely, at the end of line 108) insert "Spanners cannot be tweaked after their creation. This includes @code{StaffSymbol} and @code{LedgerLineSpanner}, which both continue throughout the score except if they are terminated by @code{\stopStaff} and newly created using @code{\startStaff}."

Although perhaps the last half-sentence should be replaced by a reference to a more detailed explanation (necessary anyway), e.g. in NR 5.3.1 <http://lilypond.org/doc/v2.19/Documentation/notation/overview-of-modifying-properties> (or elsewhere in 5.3).

Another theoretical possibility, which I would deem most helpful to users who encounter the problem, would be a remark at the top of the IR page for LedgerLineSpanner. But unfortunately (?) that would require major changes in the build system, IIUC.

Should we mark this BLOCKEDON: 3949?

Thanks, Simon

PS. I know that I should learn how to come up with formatted patches ASAP…

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