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Bug Squad invited to join Allura

From: Trevor Daniels
Subject: Bug Squad invited to join Allura
Date: Sun, 30 Aug 2015 17:12:42 +0100

@Bug Squad

The new Issues DB at SourceForge is live and has been updated by James to 
reflect the current state of patches.  There are a few new issues that are yet 
to be added, in particular the ones Simon raised on the bug list.  These will 
now need to be given new serial numbers as James has bagged the ones Simon 

So, to enable you to complete the updating and to continue your maintenance of 
the Issues DB I suggest you now go to


click on "Join" at top right and register as a member.  Then send me the 
username you've chosen so I can add you as a developer.  If you are spam-averse 
I suggest you use a disposable email address so you can make a clean break 
after we move to Savannah.

The intention is to migrate the data from SF (not GC) to Savannah, so any work 
you do now will be preserved, DV.


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