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Re: Learning about Allura

From: Simon Albrecht
Subject: Re: Learning about Allura
Date: Sun, 30 Aug 2015 22:31:27 +0200
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Am 30.08.2015 um 22:27 schrieb Trevor Daniels:
@Bug Squad

I've noticed a couple of things about Allura which are
worth mentioning:

a) When you add a new issue or change the status,
    patch, label, etc, of an existing one, it takes
    some time, i.e. several minutes, before it shows
    up in searches involving the new value.  Allura
    maintains a large inverted index in order to
    reduce the time and resource needed to perform
    complex searches, but the price for this is the
    increased time required to modify that index
    when one of the field values changes.

b) This is a real nuisance.  The body text of issues
    uses markup.  See "Formatting Help" underneath
    the search buttons.  Some of this is useful, but
    some not.  In particular, a line with # in column
    one means "format as a huge header".  So a line
    of Scheme which is not indented appears huge.
    This means that Lily source code should be either
    indented by four spaces or a tab.  Alternatively,
    insert a line containing 4 (or more) tildes before
    and after the Lily code.

    As an example, see https://sourceforge.net/p/testlilyissues/issues/4581/
    before Simon works out how to fix it ;)
So I’ll wait a little until I do so :-)
Cheers, Simon

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