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Re: feature request: turn partcombine to partCombine (camelCase)

From: James Lowe
Subject: Re: feature request: turn partcombine to partCombine (camelCase)
Date: Sun, 13 Sep 2015 16:17:33 +0100
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On 13/08/15 21:42, Malte Meyn wrote:
> Hi list,
> the case of the ‘c’ in partcombine is inconsistent, confusing me every
> time I use \partcombine(Apart|Chords|…):
> \partcombine, \partcombineApart, … but
> \partCombineTextsOnNote, \partCombineListener
> I would suggest to change all occurences of ‘partcombine’ to ‘partCombine’.
> Why not change ‘partCombine’ to ‘partcombine’? Because I looked at the
> engravers which use the more ‘natural’ underscore instead of camelCase
> for spaces. And in the same way as ‘Cue_clef_engraver’ suggests that
> ‘cue clef’ are two words (resulting in ‘cueClefGlyph’, not
> ‘cueclefGlyph’), ‘Part_combine_engraver’ does.
> I think that this would be rather easy to change.
> Cheers,
> Malte

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