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Re: MelismaEvent?

From: Simon Albrecht
Subject: Re: MelismaEvent?
Date: Tue, 27 Oct 2015 14:08:15 +0100
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On 27.10.2015 14:00, Simon Albrecht wrote:
On 27.10.2015 02:04, Thomas Morley wrote:
2015-10-27 0:00 GMT+01:00 Simon Albrecht <address@hidden>:

I’ve taken the liberty of creating
<https://sourceforge.net/p/testlilyissues/issues/4645/>, but I’m not quite sure if it will be agreed to be a valid request. Please give your opinions.

TIA, Simon

Basically you suggest to create a post-event-command doing (pseudo-code):

   \set autoBeaming = ##f
-\command-to-start-melisma-and-nice-autobeaming -\other-post-events
   last-not-of-melisma -\command-to-end-melisma-and-nice-auto-beaming

Correct, that would be the goal. But after some more essays and thinking I see that it’s no use to try it the way I tried. Consequently, I purged the ‘auto-beaming’ part from the issue, which now is only about making \melisma consistent with "(" &c., i.e. generate an event.

There is now <https://sourceforge.net/p/testlilyissues/issues/4646/> for the ‘utopy’ :-)
Yours, Simon

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