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Re: ugly slur from chord to note

From: David Kastrup
Subject: Re: ugly slur from chord to note
Date: Wed, 25 Nov 2015 13:54:34 +0100
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Federico Bruni <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi
> I think that the attached slur, both on Staff and TabStaff, is an ugly
> one.
> What do you think?
> \version "2.19.31"
> myMusic = \relative {
>  \set minimumFret = 5
>  <e'\2 cis( g-1> d2)
> }


>From the issue description of issue 4625 implementing in-chord slurs:

    Output is still rather rough. Basics are there now, but the
    finetuning leaves a lot to be desired.

The heavy lifting is done, but it requires further work by programmers
enjoying fiddling with graphical problems.

David Kastrup

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