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Re: ly:one-line-breaking doesn't properly handle indent value/side margi

From: Urs Liska
Subject: Re: ly:one-line-breaking doesn't properly handle indent value/side margins
Date: Mon, 18 Jan 2016 17:13:55 +0100
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Am 18.01.2016 um 17:04 schrieb Urs Liska:
> Hi,
> while testing the new #ly:one-line-auto-height-breaking I noticed some
> issues with the already available #ly:one-line-breaking.
> It seems the left and right margins are not properly handled in that mode:
> The right margin is way too large to my eyes, which you can see when
> setting right-margin to 0\cm.
> The left margin is too small and doesn't respond to setting the indent
> variable.
> Quite the contrary, increasing the indent doesn't move the system to the
> right but the instrument name to the left.
> You can see both in the attached file. The image shows the unclipped
> left/right/top margins compiled from the settings in the attached .ly file.

Update: You can make the instrument names visible by increasing left-margin.
But it still seems like there's something fishy about the right margin
and the indent.


> Urs
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