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Re: Install confirmation test file misleading

From: James
Subject: Re: Install confirmation test file misleading
Date: Fri, 5 Feb 2016 13:35:53 +0000
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On 04/02/16 14:16, Masamichi HOSODA wrote:
>>> Sorry, I should be more precise.
>>> It appears that the process of dragging the test file over the LP icon
>>> is
>>> not working for me. Despite the shortcut path being correct. The
>>> install is
>>> fine.
>> Which version of Windows? This drag-n-drop feature was originally
>> documented by myself when I used to use Windows 7, I've never tried it
>> since using Windows 8.x (or 10.x).
> If I understand correctly,
> it is because the current directory of the LilyPond's shortcut is
> set to the all users desktop (C:\Users\Public\Desktop).
> The all users desktop can be written only with administrator privileges.
> LilyPond writes PDF etc. to the current directory.
> Usually, it can not write because it does not have administrator privileges.
> One of the following can be workaroud.
>   Double click *.ly file instead of drag-and-drop to LilyPond shortcut.
>   Empty current directory settings instead of C:\Users\Public\Desktop.
> Both of them, LilyPond will write PDF etc. to the same directory
> as the *.ly file.
> I don't have English Windows,
> but perhaps, current directory settings in English Windows is
> ``Start in'' in shortcut properties.
Thanks Hosoda-san.

Paul if you could verify this, and it is the case as described here, we
can then perhaps make some adjustments to the instructions on the
Website/in the documentation.


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