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German documentation systematically calls ties slurs

From: Hans Adler
Subject: German documentation systematically calls ties slurs
Date: Sat, 6 Feb 2016 01:11:23 +0100

German Lilypond documentation systematically translates "tie" as
"Bindebogen". However, German for "tie" is actually "Haltebogen", and
"Bindebogen" is the more common word for "slur". (Lilypond
documentation uses the word "Legatobogen" for "slur, which seems less
popular nowadays. A third synonym, "Schleifbogen", has fallen out of

Someone else already reported this documentation bug in October 2011.
At the time, Till Paala as the German translator promised to take care
of it eventually but also expressed interest in printed proof that
this is the actual terminology. (In addition to Wikipedia, which is
quite clear on the matter.)

To quote Musiktheorie für Dummies (visible on Google Books): "[...]
der sogenannte Bindebogen (Legatobogen), wie er in Abb. 15.5 zu sehen
ist. [...] (Nicht zu verwechseln mit Haltebögen, die dafür sorgen,
dass ein und dieselbe Note über mehrere Takteinheiten hinweg
'festgehalten' wird." The figure clearly labels several ties as
"Haltebogen" and several slurs as "Bindebogen".

All other printed sources I have seen agree, as does everyone I have
ever made music with.

Presumably this is very easy to fix by global search and replace for
someone who is already a contributor to the German translation. If
not, I am willing to take care of this problem myself (meticulously!)
provided that this fix is actually welcome and will be accepted. It
should be enough for now to just change "Bindebogen" to "Haltebogen".
I guess it is better not to change "Legatobogen" to the more popular
term "Bindebogen", as this might cause confusion for users familiar
with the current German documentation and less versed in musical


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