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Re: \markup \sans ... does not always give sans-serif output in svgs in

From: Paul Morris
Subject: Re: \markup \sans ... does not always give sans-serif output in svgs in 2.19.36
Date: Sat, 13 Feb 2016 15:50:44 -0500

Looking closer at the SVG files produced...  In 2.18 we have this:

  <text … font-family="sans-serif” … > some text </text>

Whereas in 2.19 we have this:

  <text … font-family="LilyPond Sans Serif” … > some text </text>

And when I manually edit the 2.19 svg file so it has font-family="sans-serif” 
then that fixes it and the text appears as sans-serif.  Elsewhere in the svg 
files I see that:

2.18 svg has:  font-family="Century Schoolbook L”
2.19 svg has:  font-family="LilyPond Serif"

From this thread:

and this commit:

we see that “LilyPond Sans Serif” and “LilyPond Serif” are aliases.  So it 
appears that the code that produces the svgs is including the alias names for 
“font-family" rather than what the alias refers to (e.g. “sans-serif” or 
"Century Schoolbook L”).


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