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Re: \markup \sans ... does not always give sans-serif output in svgs in

From: Urs Liska
Subject: Re: \markup \sans ... does not always give sans-serif output in svgs in 2.19.36
Date: Wed, 17 Feb 2016 16:54:17 +0100
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Am 17.02.2016 um 16:48 schrieb Paul Morris:
> “serif” “sans-serif” and “monospace” are officially defined as meaningful 
> values for the font-family property for svg files.  They tell an svg renderer 
> (like a web browser) to “use a font of this type when displaying this svg 
> image”.[1]  
> “LilyPond Serif” and friends mean nothing to an svg renderer because they are 
> neither fonts nor generic font families that they understand.
> So my suggestion is that LilyPond should be smart enough to use “serif” in an 
> svg file rather than “LilyPond Serif” when no particular font has been set by 
> the user.  (Same for “sans-serif” and “monospace” for “LilyPond Sans Serif” 
> and “LilyPond Monospace”.)  
> Hope that clarifies things.

Sounds reasonable for me.

One of the origins of the issue was the fact that LilyPond didn't
specify a concrete font for \sans and \typewriter. This meant that
Century Schoolbook was by default used as roman font, but the others
used anything the compiling machine considered appropriate. So passing
along a .ly file to someone else could result in ridiculously
different-looking scores.

I don't think that's the immediate cause for the current issue, but that
was the outset of the changes that led to the current issue.


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