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Re: Major Minor Chord

From: Urs Liska
Subject: Re: Major Minor Chord
Date: Fri, 9 Sep 2016 17:50:22 +0200
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Am 09.09.2016 um 17:42 schrieb Andrew Bernard:
> Hi Craig,
> Not at all. This is not a bug. If you want this to express the chord
> construct you are describing, explicitly put in the accidentals. Lilypond
> has no notion of standard chords in various periods of music, unless you
> are using a chord mode. This is plain note entry.

Well, but the resulting chord shows a flat, then a note and then another
note. There is no way for the reader to tell that the second (?) note is
naturalized. I think the result is misleading, and this isn't related to
any standard practices.

The workaround is of course to explicitly force the natural with bes'!,
but still I think it's wrong.

Of course the problem is that the bes is not "previous" to the b, so
LilyPond's mechanics for accidental styles don't apply. So actually I
think LilyPond should detect that two notes are on the same staff
position and then determine if they actually require the same accidental.

Same with polyphony. This is definitely wrong output:

\version "2.19.45"

\score {
    { c'' b' }
    { a' bes' }


> Andrew
> On 10 September 2016 at 00:36, craig <address@hidden> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> A major minor chord is not given proper accidentals by default.  This is a
>> standard chord in mondern music.  The following should have a b flat
>> marking along with a b natural marking.
>> \version "2.19.45"
>> \score {
>>   <bes' b' d'' g''>
>> }
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