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wrong page-numbers

From: Thomas Morley
Subject: wrong page-numbers
Date: Tue, 11 Oct 2016 23:09:18 +0200

With this code

\markuplist \table-of-contents
\bookpart { { \tocItem "on-page-2" 1 \pageBreak \tocItem "on-page-3" 1 } }
\bookpart { { \tocItem "on-page-4" 1 } }

The table-of-contents displays partly wrong page-numbers, see cut-off
png attached.

I first noticed it in 2.19.49 but I followed it back to 2.14.2, my
oldest installed version. It may very well exist even longer.

Some analysis:

  (format #t "\n(toc-items)\n~y" (toc-items))
at appropriate place in table-of-contents from toc-init.ly returns:
  ((toc97 tocItemMarkup "on-page-2")
   (toc98 tocItemMarkup "on-page-3")
   (toc99 tocItemMarkup "on-page-4"))
which is correct so far and at first sight.

Further adding
  (display-scheme-music (ly:output-def-lookup layout 'label-page-table))
at appropriate place in page-ref from define-markup-commands.scm
returns 3 instances of
(list (cons (quote toc97) 2)
      (cons (quote toc98) 2)
      (cons (quote toc98) 3)
      (cons (quote toc99) 4))
Ofcourse it's clear why it is displayed three times, but why two
elements with toc98?? One with the correct page-number, the other is

I don't understand why there are _four_ entries in this list.
And if four, why does the gensym-procedure used in toc-init.ly does
not _warrant_ different naming??


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