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RE: easyHeads size

From: Andrew Bernard
Subject: RE: easyHeads size
Date: Sat, 12 Nov 2016 10:37:00 +1100

Hello Tanner,

Don't be so quick to assign a bug! :-)

The \huge command only applies to text in markups, not noteheads.

To change the notehead size you can increase the global staff size, or you
can adjust the size of the notehead grob itself.

For example:

  \override NoteHead.font-size = #3

But note that this does not take account of the staff size, and making the
noteheads bigger will overlap the staff lines.

Although this is not stated directly and explicitly in words in the notation
reference manual, the documentation of \huge is under markup and this tends
to imply it is for markup, not noteheads. But given that the way to change
the size shown above is to alter the font size of the note, one could be
forgiven for thinking the text markup commands would apply.

A topic like this would be seen by far more people on the user list. So,
better move the topic there and continue the discussion to clarify what you


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