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Re: Development manuals. Was: Re; New LilyPond website

From: Alexander Kobel
Subject: Re: Development manuals. Was: Re; New LilyPond website
Date: Tue, 29 Nov 2016 16:33:49 +0100
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(Bcc'ing bug-lilypond now. What a useful feature! ;-))

On 2016-11-29 16:18, Phil Holmes wrote:
[...] In fact, I tend to be confused about the different layout and
sectioning of the manual pages for stable and unstable. Now suddenly I
wonder whether in the long run it would be a good idea to have an
identical structure for downloads, manuals, regtests etc. for stable
and unstable, but use a different (background) color (scheme) for the
two?  [...]

Actually, it would make much more sense to split the manuals and
download page for the development version in the same way it's split for
the stable version, I think?

Yes, that's what I meant. I hesitated to propose that because it seems more invasive, and I don't have time nor texinfo (?) knowledge to take care of that myself.

Also, there is a bit of difference in content that would need some thought: most prominently, the regression tests (that are not on the user manual page for a good reason, I guess), or the contributor's guide. I understand the reason for two different layouts, to keep things as accessible as possible for the active contributors. But probably we have a significant number of users running unstable on a daily basis, but who are non-(yet-)developers and would prefer an equivalent layout.


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