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Re: Stem.stem-begin-position not giving desired output on beamed stems (

From: Carl Williams
Subject: Re: Stem.stem-begin-position not giving desired output on beamed stems (tablature)
Date: Thu, 15 Dec 2016 13:24:18 +1300
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So I figured a little workaround that does the job. 
I use 2 voices, one which shows only the Stems and Beams, the other which shows 
only the TabNoteHeads. 

Unfortunately, it's doesn't always compile when I use extra complex 
combinations of rests, notes and spacers. Says it has an internal error. But I 
think it will be robust enough for what I need to do. 

I think the original issue of Stem.stem-begin-position not working for 
beamed-stems should be fixed. If it's not a bug, I call it a feature request. 

\version "2.18.2"

mynotes = {
  \relative c' {
    g'8\4 c,4 e2 |
    a1 |
    g8\4 c, e a g8\4[ g\4 ] a a |
    r8 r8 r4 r2 |
    r1 |

\new TabStaff \with {
  stringTunings = #ukulele-tuning
} <<
  \clef moderntab
  \partial 2..
  \new TabVoice {
    %set noteheads to all be in a horizontal line
    \override TabVoice.TabNoteHead.Y-offset = #2.5
    %hide voiceOne rests
    \override TabVoice.Rest.transparent = ##t
    %hide voiceOne noteHeads
    \override TabVoice.TabNoteHead.transparent = ##t
  \new TabVoice {
    %align voiceTwo rests to the middle of the staff
    \override TabVoice.Rest.Y-offset = #0
    %hide voiceTwo stems
    \override TabVoice.Stem.transparent = ##t

here's how it comes out now:

On 14/12/2016 20:14:57, Carl Williams <address@hidden> wrote:
Hi Everyone, 

First time using a mailing list. 
I've raked through the documentation pages all today and yesterday (and learnt 
a lot), but still couldn't solve this. 

So I want to create (ukulele) tablature where all the stems and beams are above 
the staff. 
I use the \override Stem.stem-begin-position to set the unbeamed stems above, 
but I think it aught to affect the beamed stems too (they are stems too after 
all!). bug?

Does anyone know any workarounds? 
I've tried lots of things. I think it could be done if somehow the stems were 
'un-parented' from the noteheads in the Y-direction, and then parented to 
something else in the Y-direction (can a grob have 2 parents?). I haven't bee 
able to do this though. 

Here's the example: 
\version "2.18.2"

\new TabStaff \with {
  stringTunings = #ukulele-tuning
} {
  %set bottom of stem position
  \override Stem.stem-begin-position = #4.5
  %set stem length
  \override Stem.length = #5
  %set top of beam position
  \override Beam.positions = #'(4.6 . 4.6)
  \relative c' {
    r8 g'\4 c,4 e2 |
    a1 |
    g8\4 c, e a c,[ c] a'8 a |

There's an SVG attached, not sure what the deal is with pictures. 

Eventually I want to look at half length stems for minim and quarter length for 
semibreve, but one thing at a time. 


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