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Lyric hyphens in LilyPond version 2.18.2.

From: Mirosław Doroszewski
Subject: Lyric hyphens in LilyPond version 2.18.2.
Date: Wed, 21 Dec 2016 00:28:57 +0100

Lyric hyphens in LilyPond version 2.18.2.

1. Making hyphens accordingly to manuals is not correct, because when
syllables inside words are calculated to be print without hyphens,
there is too much space created between them. Confer correct
"calculation" of text editors which place not any space between
letters in a single word. LilyPond creates ugly space between
syllables in a single word, when it calculates to not engrave a
2. My solution is perfect but not universal: using simple hyphenation
like in gregorian chant, i.e. "Ky- ri- e, e- le- i- son." (not "Ky --
ri -- e, e -- le -- i -- son.", as described in manuals). That way
there are no tiny or teeny or smallest spaces between syllables of a
single word what is ugly.
3. Besides, calculation of putting shorter hyphens makes not beautiful
sight. Maybe it does not disturb meny people. But I have not seen in
any song book putting shorter hyphens: or hyphens are printed full, or
hyphens are not put.

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