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SmallCaps Gap

From: foxfanfare
Subject: SmallCaps Gap
Date: Mon, 7 May 2018 05:38:37 -0700 (MST)

Not "strictly" a Lilypond bug, but I thought it was worth mentioning anyway.

I consider as a "bug" when you use SmallCaps in a markup, you can notice an
ungly gap in the series of some sloped characters (as "WA" "VA"...).

My eyes suggest the space should be reduced cause it looks a bit awkward
don't you think? And I don't think it is tweakable as there isn't any
kerning available in option (or I haven't found it yet!)

Here's an exemple:

\version "2.19.81"

\header {
  title = \markup \fontsize #8 \smallCaps "Star Wars"
  subtitle = \markup \fontsize #8 \smallCaps "The Force Awakens"
  subsubtitle = \markup \fontsize #8 \smallCaps "Va Wa Ya Aw Avi"

\relative {
  c'1 g' \tuplet 3/2 { f4 e d } c'2~ c g

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