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Documentation Error? set-global-staff-size vs layout-set-staff-size

From: Aaron Laws
Subject: Documentation Error? set-global-staff-size vs layout-set-staff-size
Date: Thu, 24 May 2018 16:30:09 -0400

Obligatory deserved obeisance: I love lilypond and market it to everyone;
thank you so much for making such a *wonderful* non-wysiwyg music
typesetting application. It makes music entry, formatting, VERSION CONTROL,
even midi playing, and everything else so much easier and even scriptable.
Thanks to everyone who makes this project a reality.

The documentation at
makes it sound like set-global-staff-size and layout-set-staff-size only
differ in their scope (the former affects the whole book, and the latter
only the score pertaining to a particular layout). Attached is a Tiny
Example using set-global-staff-size. Reproduction steps:
1. Compile the example to "global.pdf".
2. Move the comment from line 4 to line 2
3. Compile the modified example to "layout.pdf"
If the documentation is correct, I would expect set-global-staff-size and
layout-set-staff-size to work the same when there is only one staff.
Comparing the resulting global.pdf and layout.pdf shows that this is not
the case.

I have a book with two \scores in it, and would like one to have a larger
set-global-staff-size than the other. I'll continue experimenting and see
if I can get what I want, but I thought I would drop a note about this.

In Christ,
Aaron Laws

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