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Re: Articulate and tied tremolo - unexpected result

From: Thomas Morley
Subject: Re: Articulate and tied tremolo - unexpected result
Date: Sat, 2 Jun 2018 21:57:09 +0200

2018-06-02 13:04 GMT+02:00 David Baptista <address@hidden>:
> Good morning to all, I have recently picked up an unexpected behaviour when
> using the articulate script in conjuction with tremolo and ties. Here is a
> minimal example:
> \include "articulate.ly"
> \score{
> c'1:16~ c'1:16
> \layout{}
> }
> \score{
> \articulate { c'1:16~ c'1:16 }
> \layout{}
> }
> When  this type of notation appears in scores, the meaning is that the
> tremolo is to last (in this example) for 2 measures. But the resulting
> output of articulate has one long sustained note with tremolo only in the
> second measure. I suspect the underlying bug is that the tied C is being
> replicated resulting in a sequence of tied Cs, but musically this is an
> incorrect behaviour.
> I reproduced this bug both in the latest stable (2.18.2) and unstable
> (2.19.48) release.


to me it looks more like a problem of \unfoldRepeats:

mus = {
    \repeat tremolo 16 c'16
    \repeat tremolo 16 c'16

{ \mus \unfoldRepeats tremolo \mus }

Simply dropping the Tie while unfolding will not cover the case of:
{ \repeat tremolo 16 c'16 ~ c'1 }
which is not unknown.
So a fix may be tricky.


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