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Re: lilypond not working when compiled against guile-2.2

From: Thomas Morley
Subject: Re: lilypond not working when compiled against guile-2.2
Date: Tue, 5 Jun 2018 02:13:13 +0200

2018-06-05 1:42 GMT+02:00 edes <address@hidden>:
> el 2018-06-04 a las 23:45 Thomas Morley escribiĆ³:
>> You could try to checkout a branch from master and apply all of the
>> attached patches.
> Thank you very much for the patches, "Thomas"!!
> I applied them to the sources pulled from git, and lilypond compiled
> without a problem. I haven't done extensive tests, but I tried a few ly
> files I had around, and they all compiled fine. Are these patches ready to
> be applied to the official sources?
> Best.

Be aware that guilev2 support is still experimental.
Probably you'll happen to stumble across not yet known bugs. (If so,
please report)
The most disadvantage in usage will be a far longer compilation time.
There are still encoding problems and we have still no good idea how
to integrate guile's wish to act upon .go-files.
At least as far as I understood it, David K. may tell you more about it.

In the current state those patches are not ready to be integrated in master.
Likely I should revive my plan to integrate them with appropriate

That said, in our git we have a 'guile-v2-work'-branch, but it's not
up to date...

I think about updating this branch, it would be far easier to point
interested people to this branch.
Needed would be a rebase, probably with the need to solve
merge-conflicts and I'd like to add some new patches of my own.
What would be the git-syntax for it?


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