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point-and-click to "other" editors

From: Federico Bruni
Subject: point-and-click to "other" editors
Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2018 06:52:16 +0200

I'd like to suggest some changes in this page of the documentation:

1. Emacs
I would write that you must add (server-start) to ~/.emacs, otherwise you'll get a new Emacs window each time you click on an object in the PDF. See this discussion:

2. Configure other editors
IIUC, lilypond-invoke editors is set up to work well with emacs, gvim and nedit, in that I can simply write:


and this will be translated to:

emacsclient --no-wait +%(line)s:%(column)s %(file)s

Now what if I want to use a different editor?
I did it in the past with Frescobaldi (to get point-and-clcik from an external PDF), but I cannot remember how. I'm now trying gedit, which does support opening a file in a certain point.

I've tried the following but none works:

LYEDITOR=gedit # this will open gedit but not in the desired line:column
LYEDITOR=`gedit +%(line)s:%(column)s %(file)s` # this is not correct syntax, as 'source ~/.bashrc' complains


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