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Re: Problems in gregorian style lyrics with combination of episem and me

From: Jaap de Wolff
Subject: Re: Problems in gregorian style lyrics with combination of episem and melisma
Date: Mon, 9 Jul 2018 18:29:06 +0200

>> In gregorian lyrics the combination of episem with melisma must follow a
>> strict order:
>> \episemInitium \melisma xxx \episemFinis \melismaEnd  is the only working
>> order
>> The orders 
>> \episemInitium \melisma xxx \melismaEnd \episemFinis 
>> \melisma \episemInitium xxx \melismaEnd \episemFinis 
>> \melisma \episemInitium xxx \episemFinis \melismaEnd 
>> will result in an  unexpected EVENT_IDENTIFIER error
>> ===============================
>> \version "2.19.62"
>> \include "gregorian.ly"
>> \new VaticanaVoice {
>>   a  \melisma \episemInitium g \melismaEnd \episemFinis 
>> }
>> ===============================
>> syntax error, unexpected EVENT_IDENTIFIER
>>   a  \melisma 
>>               \episemInitium g \melismaEnd \episemFinis
>> The expected behaviour is that any order is accepted.
>How is that expectation established?  It's not clear to me yet that this
>isn't a documentation bug.  It's also likely that current master will
>not produce an error but the output might not be what is "expected".  So
>we need to nail down the expectations and the reasons for it, see
>whether this restricts the possible forms of valid output or rather
>"just" requires a certain structure to the input, something which could
>be addressed using documentation.
>David Kastrup

At first it is not that the output is not as expected, but there is no output 
at all ☹
The expectation is established by consistency.
The syntax of lilypond music allows all kind of beginX ... endX combinations in 
any order, as long as begin and end are matching
The music expression ([  a b c ]) gives the same result as ([ a b c)], [( a b 
c)] or [( a b c ])
Same for combinations of (..) \(..\) [..] \startGroup...\stopGroup 
\startGraceMusic... \stopGraceMusic  \startTrillSpan...stopTrillSpan  etc.

Of course a clear documentation on this point would also help


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