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Re: http://lilypond.org/productions.html

From: Federico Bruni
Subject: Re: http://lilypond.org/productions.html
Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2018 16:39:57 +0200

Il giorno mar 31 lug 2018 alle 14:06, Simon Albrecht <"simon.albrecht"@mail.de> ha scritto:
On 31.07.2018 13:07, Rafael Fontenelle wrote:
1-  In this page there is the following snippet of paragraph:

"He has also worked on the score and parts for an arrangement of
Moussurgsky’s Boris Godounov for wind quartet"

On the other side, a few paragraphs below we find:

"Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an exhibition[...]"

Searching the web, I found "Mussorgsky" and "Godunov" (without 'o'
from 'ou') in pages like e.g. Wikipedia[1], but found no occurrence
"Moussurgsky" and "Godounov". So, just checking: is the spelling


Cyrillic transliteration is always subject to discussion. The versions with ‘ou’ hint French transliteration, traditional English transliteration is always ‘Mussorgsky’ and ‘Godunov’, the former is scientifically transliterated as ‘Musorgskiy’ or ‘Musorgskij’. The only thing that’s completely uncontroversial is that the second ‘u’ in ‘Moussurgsky’ is a typo. Like most of the time, Wikipedia follows a very well-established policy and it’s perfectly OK to follow them.

Mutopia uses the same form:

Rafael, I'll add this as part of issue 5392:


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