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\override ClefModifier.text has no effect

From: Malte Meyn
Subject: \override ClefModifier.text has no effect
Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2018 12:19:23 +0200
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Hi list,

I’m not sure: Is this a bug? According to the Internals Reference, ClefModifier has ly:text-interface::print as a stencil and should use the 'text property. But the following doesn’t show “8va” as expected but “8”:

\version "2.21.0" % same for 2.19.82, 2.18.2
  % make sure the correct grob is targeted
  \override Staff.ClefModifier.color = #red
  % nothing happens:
  \override Staff.ClefModifier.text = "8va"
  \clef "treble^8"

I suppose that there’s a reason for that behaviour (maybe in the definition of the \clef command?) but could be considered a bug nevertheless. I found the following workaround but it’s not very comfortable:

  \override Staff.ClefModifier.before-line-breaking =
  #(lambda (grob)
     (ly:grob-set-property! grob 'text "8va"))
  \clef "treble^8"


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